THE BOSS | How your brain works #3

the boss and it´s counterpart. To better understand overall company behaviour and market perceptions, there are 3 areas to explore and understand the impact on our big data business called life and job!

First – the different parts of the brain are different departments with their specific job [Task]. Clearly the most important person here is a CEO – brain. He is called the prefrontal cortex – responsible for executive functioning. He´s able to choose what to think and to do, even to feel.

He has the ability to evaluate good or bad and drives the business. On the opposite –  there is the limbic system, the old part of the company –with old routines and chaos, which is very fast, passionate and strong.

It comes into play when CEO get tired or has lunchtime or holiday. Every start-up is a kindergarden 🙂 – It´s a very young part and gets tired very soon. Things that help him to stay in shape: self-awareness and mindfulness, healthy eating, constant exercise and enough sleep – 10 min a day being only aware of your body helps. Sports like dancing, table tennis makes CEO stronger and long relaxed runs on the other side give him the peace to relax. If you and your CEO doesn’t feel strong, healthy; you will never go for high achievements.

Make sure that your CEO stays healthy, stronger and growth and that everything is in shape for proper executive functioning of system; your body.

In a nutshell: Coaching and mindful physical workout is the process to speak as often as possible about the best future with this CEO , the prefrontal cortex instead of driving lousy business with trouble and danger.

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