SIT DOWN | How your brain works #2

This is about self-awareness & knowledge. Today everybody in leadership, business and in life should have a basic understanding what the brain is doing and how it works. This, in order to be able to direct it. Like one trainer said to me: „sometimes you should be able to say SIT DOWN to your brain like a dog.“

Ok, so as the owner of the business you should understand and aware of – what’s going on in the brain.
– know all the entities ( brain areas )
– their communication system to take decisions ( fireing, wiring, neurotransmitter )
– and what you have to do to drive the business successfully ( awareness, mindfulness, movement, nutrition, lifestyle )

Let´s look back in time, when you were a baby – a small start-up, full of crazy ideas, curiosity about the world and constantly looking for investors (love and support of others). This was the time when your brain started shaping itself. Everything you learned, you saw, you experienced something left a physiological change. Your business is shaped by time and experience. You get better every day.

Then, year by year you’re grown up to a real business – it get serious – , you´ re doing what you’re really good at and passionate about. You are able to make good money, change the world, cooperate with other companies, to find love and trust.

Ask yourself: What were the jobs of the different parts of your brain that got you there?
Which strength and weaknesses helped to achieve?
How did you achieved your highest successes?

To see your current business value ( how strong are you?) and potential and we should look in 4 different areas:

– Control and Drive (Willpower)
– Decision processes, System Awareness, Beliefs and Expectations
– Goals and Motivation
– Way of working (Habits, Conceptions)

And as coaches, call us business consultants – we’re here to find ways to improve and make the business more fulfilling every day. We want you to understand what all the different entities of your company are doing and where they help you to succeed or where to change the job descriptions. We – the coaches – are the consultants that have fresh outside view on the company, we are your mirror and your partners for success. And furthermore – by understanding the brain and the body—mind-connection; we want to give you the insights and knowledge to properly coach and treat your team and company for the best business outcome possible.

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