THE BUSINESS | How your brain works – #1

In this series we want to tell you how your brain work with a simple image.
You are a company – a company with different units and managers and parts that run the business. These units are the different parts of your brain doing different tings, having different tasks. So have fun! Our brain, most complex and superfast data processing unit rules our world and world of others which processes information coming from the outer world and makes decisions and outputs is your  behaviour which includes thoughts and feelings.

Brain consumes more than 20% of your energy intake daily -which is equivalent to 40 to 60 minutes of running. Imagine if you were a business company and all parts of your brain and your body are the operating units competing against every other human being on the market. So how do they work together to make you successful, who´s the boss, who takes the right decisions?

So imagine your higher self – your whole being – as the owner of the company, the Steve Jobs, is the one who gives the business shape, personality and dreams.
What would be „The mission statement“, the puropose, the vision of your CEO?

So what kind of business you are running ?
A multi million dollar business, a friendly supermarket or a technology shop ?
Out of billions of human, what makes your business special?
What are its values ?

Life is like business, don´t sell your products, sell your vision.
And your brain will be the CEO, who is dealing with all the employees and their needs, strength and weaknesses. More successful the business,the longer lives the company.

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