Saboteurs – The other side of your strength!

In Co-Active Coaching we work with 3 guiding forces: your crew, doesn’t matter how you call it, its your strength (we will use Seligman for this term) and your character. What is holding you back called as CTI „the saboteurs“ – fears, automated negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and all such stuff. And the captain – with the great knowledge, the braveness … what Shirzad Chamine called as the sage. So the concepts of CTI and Shirzad Chamine (Positive Intelligence) have a lot in common.

I love Positive Intelligence being so tangible and that conversations can start with a basic test. Doesn’t mean that it is the final truth but it gives great insights as starting points.
The awareness, that every „gremlin“ is just a different shape of a huge strength is great and what I love about personalizing these forces is, that making them from subject (me) to object (it) helps clients to do their workout easily. It´ s not you, it is just what your old brain is telling you. Don´t believe every thought you have.

I found following table very helpful too;

These 10 and a million individual saboteurs we all have – craving for 3 guiding forces: being free, being loved and being secure. Feel free to make the test (which is free, you will only get advertising emails of which you can get rid by signing out) and I strongly recommend everyone in Leadership & Life to read this book. Leadership involves often a strong judgement, controlling and the restless working. All these things really get easier, if the overall awareness and emotional intelligence to deal with them, increase due to coaching. The sad thing sometimes is: what brought you here will not get you there to your final destiny.

–> Take the test here: Saboteur Assessment


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