What’s your „Brain type“ and what´s your „Neuro type“?

Brains and the brain chemistry determines our behavior, thinking, habits.
A lot of research is currently going on in this field and many times I ask my clients to take the Braverman Test.

You can simply download it and try it out, count your numbers and then we can read the results. –> Download here

I am good with the typical domain of people called  – FIRE. So to keep me up, to hold my productivity and motivation high; I need pace, adventure. I love to be curious and explore new things. This test is also very relevant for the bodywork because an exercise designed for this dopamine type may drive the serotonine type crazy. Month ago I found a very good summary about this topic.
The Trainingsguru Charles Poliquin is also working with these types with assumption that this type determines also preferences on training – style & frequency.

Neurotransmitter determine how people think, feel and in this in turn has influence on our behavior and act. It is much more complicated then simply saying that: you are one of these types and now do this or do that. But it is great to know the position with the right nutrition and maybe supplements so that these things can get in balance. If you are really interested in this subject, I will recommend you to read the book: „The Edge Effect“.

For me it is fascinating that this test is based on brain chemistry and one other test (Dr. Amen) is based on brain physiology. The clients I have worked with through both, had the similar characteristics and hence results in both. But why this is relevant for coaching? In the same way you should know your strength and thinking; you should know as much as possible about your brain and how it works – it rules your world and it is adaptable which means we can change its thinking (imagine like a muscle) with the right one; we can control movement & nutrition. Amens says: „You are not suck with your brain. But knowing comes before changing. The book recommendation for Amen is: „Das glückliche Gehirn“.

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