who am I (english version)

Hello, I’m Kerstin Clessienne, Industry, Leadership & Personal Coach with a strong bias for resilience and Female Leadership. This is my personal, professional blog where I share insights & thoughts and also our work in female business networking around leadership, digital & tech.

If you are willing to join, I will be glad to be your personal coach soon! My specialty is coaching for high achieving people – especially women and I’m passionate to train the people who want to take the next level, whether it’s business, life, body or soul – leadership and growth is everywhere. I would love to talk to you and support you with your hard work and efforts!

My other coaching practices and 15-year long business experience:

Rooftop Consulting
Digital Transformation Coaching and Consulting in Marketing and Media
Roof- Institute
Modern Business & Private Health and increasing resilience in people and in companies

I am working in both German as well as English language.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Join our LeanIn-Circle for Natural Female Confidence in Frankfurt.

I am specialized and passionate about neuroscience – coaching is not voodoo. Your brain rules your world: I want you to understand basic principles of behavioral biology to make change easy and tangible for you. Professionally I find it incredibly important that you get training and know how on how your brain works and how you can improve your performance by understanding it.


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