My clients are high performers – very often women – and I’m only provide intense coaching. As mentioned – my client is someone special for me – my  female leadership program contains max. 6 strong women or girls a time, no exception – 100 % willing to get to the next level.

I like commitment!
If you want we will go one by one and see where we´re heading or will spend one year together with a clear goal. An intense training will last for 6 months.
Monthly follow ups in the next 6 month and you can have body coaching simultaneously to transform you as a whole.

SIXSIX – Only six clients at a time?
Yes, coaching needs dedication and your coach should know you very well, so I only work with six clients at a time. I would like to the have luxury to hyper-concentrate on you and I want to offer you a real-life coaching: real & business grounded coaching!

Why SIXSIX? Walk your talk!
I’m a leading woman in business – just like you – and I love my job and my team – exactly  like you. I’m also an entrepreneur and mother of 2 wonderful children. I like to do sports and spend time with my friends – and I know how important this for success. Professionally I’m at my best when I stay – just like you – in real business and life, in both of them our hands get dirty by hard work. There is no better adviser who can change the reality.

Our work
Coaching is not like going to a therapist once a week on Friday morning. We will share a whole part of our lives together with full commitment. So, let’s not be bored about what we will do  – hard work with great fun. We will see us as often as required. I don’t count hours but you get at least 8 hours coaching per month. Sometimes weekly for an hour or sometimes we can spend a whole morning together to get things figured out. Last but not least, we are constantly in contact if you want – via mail, via what’s app so that both of us will be accountable for the process.

How coaching works?
Brilliant tools and education applied in the best combination, so incredibly important is that we resonate and inspire each other. It is our relationship and the intensity of our commitment to your goal which is the driving force (that’s the science).

The Body & Mind Concept
In parallel to the program, we can do your bodywork together.
That is the unique concept Nik and I have developed in the last two years – perfectly designed for high achieving women for their well being. You need to be strong and healthy. And you should to look good! Able to know and use your total strength. We want you to get to know your inner and outer super strengths and make you able to put forces together. This will also let you feel and look better which is supporting our approach about self-care, self-esteem and self-awareness and about the impact that you will have on others. Don´t come in pieces – you are not either your body or your mind. We can see how it works –  so we are never coaching only body or only mind – you are a whole person and the heart flame is much stronger when you work hard.

Yes, health & beauty are important!
Knowing the women at their best when they are loving their body and their well being; this is most important part of the program. Besides the effects that you are taking care about yourself and your health is a crucial part of real leadership. Your leadership lesson regarding this: If you cannot support yourself, you cannot support other like your team, your loved ones, and your friends. Setting boundaries for themselves is one of the common learning especially for women – but we will take a look on that in the section YOU.

The neuroscience of success – My passion.
This all – relationship, body & mind, strength and balance has also something to do with neuroscience and behavioral biology – but we will teach you that during the process. The passion of ROOF also lies in a modern, neuroscience based approach for personal coaching. We will teach you a lot about your brain and in the coaching process you will get a bigger and better view of yourself.

I love results
You will know yourself and you´ll be strong and healthier version of yourself.
If you want, create the life and business that you really want – ideally forever.

How to get a seat?
Please write me a mail about what you want as result from us!
(personal references are welcome).